Hi, I am Clairvoyant Ali, The owner of www.readingswithali.com and www.peoplespsychics.net. At either one of these sites you can book an appointment with me. If you do not want to spend the time to book an appointment and do want a reading, please visit my Hotline, www.peoplespsychics.net

I also Have an awesome Ayahuasca Retreat In Pucallpa Peru that excepts people every month of the year from the 1st day of the month to the 15th of the month for deep healing and cleansing. check out https://peoplespsychics.net/retreats/ on the psychic hotline People's Psychics.
Both of my sites help support this Retreat, the reason I chose the shamans that work my retreat is that they are the real deal and saved my life. Not just my life, way more. You see I started my spiritual path at the age of 21 Professionally. After 19 years of constantly helping others, going through a spiritual war with dark practitioners, and having my life needing to be rebirthed in order to continue my work in becoming a Master Teacher of the Angelic Arts. I was taken to Peru, my first time didn't go so great, I had to face the darkness even with the shamans of that retreat. for 2 years I had to work my way out of a mess that transferred to me from the shamans of that retreat. Finally, I had a breakthrough and Aya kicked in. I was taken by the spirit and the Holy Angels to these shamans. They rebirthed me, I came into my power, and believe it or not, I received the greatest of all gifts. I received a new life. I became a spipibo. I was born in the Jungle. I received the direction for my highest good. After years of training with Arch Angel Michael and other Holy Angels, I was taken to a family of Angels.

I immediately saw what it was The Holy Spirit wanted me to create and do. I was to create a healing center for Gods Healers, His Psychics, His Lights, His Warriors, And His spiritual workers. So they could be freed from their burdens and get back on track to do what they needed to achieve.

I knew after I had faced so much darkness and came out of it, back into my light and reconnected with God that I would have a big job in this. With Great Power comes a Greater responsibility. It took a lot for me to except that I had been chosen for this. But in reality, I already knew. I had always worked for God my whole life. I always wondered why I had to face so much and train so many. Sanken Wano is a gift from God and I was chosen to build it and open it.

I was given the greatest gift Ayahuasca could give. She saw my heart, the life I had to live to get where I was, I had given my life-saving others. SO she gave me her heart. She cleaned off my wings, she healed all my wounds, and she gave me a new life with a new mother, who just happened to be a shipibo shaman with the biggest heart I have ever seen.

I came out on a soul level as a brand new baby. I did not just have 2 wings. God and Aya gave me 6 and I came out singing to God. Totally full of life and love, I was shown what God wanted me to do. But how could I achieve this?

I opened a Psychic Hotline, with full intentions on it helping the many.

I am looking for the right psychics to work for me, those who do will be paid good wages. Your intention must be pure. We are helping everyone we can.

If you are in a spot that you know it's your turn to heal then contact me. I will set you up with my center and you will have full support. Let's get you healed so you can get back out there and do your job without the baggage. You will be with Angels to heal you. I recommend package #2. If you want the spiritual training from me at your retreat, I only do it 2 times per year. So don't hold off on getting booked in. If you do not have a passport, please go get one it takes about 3 months for the passports to come through. Bring about $500.00 extra spending money for you if you choose to come. I look forward to assisting you in becoming ready for your healing.

Thank you
love and Light Ali