Policies and disputes

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Here at the People's Psychic's, we do like to ensure our customer's satisfaction. All calls are subject to being recorded for quality assurance. Not only to protect the rights of our clients but also to protect the rights of our Psychics. If you have any disputes with any of our psychic readers, please contact customer support.

Rules for disputes

We will listen to the psychic reading that you had received. If we find that your chosen psychic did not perform in customer quality performance we will give you an opportunity to have a psychic reading with one of our other qualified psychics that is at the same pay rate as well as the same amount of minutes.

If you were on the phone with the psychic that you are disputing about for more than 10-minutes and did not choose to hang up and call our customer service department to let us know that you didn't feel you and your chosen psychic were a good match, then we can not give you the opportunity for a choice with a different psychic for that call duration. If you contact customer service after 10-minute's into the psychic reading, then we know our psychic has entertained you.

If one of our psychics has been found to not perform in a customer quality performance, then we will proceed to view the reading and ensure that another psychic will be granted to give you a psychic reading for the same amount of minutes as well as your remaining minutes.

Package minute deal policy

You can use your package minute deals with any psychic you choose within the packet minute price range. For example, if you only want to use 10 minutes with one psychic and then 10 minutes with a different psychic for one of our 20-minute package deals, then you may do so. As a member, you will be charged monthly for your package minute deals and receive your new upload of minutes each month at the same time of the month.

Cash return policy

We offer a 10 minute reading for only $10.00 to every customer who calls for their first reading. We do this to ensure a good match between the customer and the customers chosen psychic. If you feel in 3 minutes you are with the wrong psychic, then you can hang up and call us back and we will send you to a different psychic for the full 10 minutes. If you do not hang up within the 3 minutes and find that you are not a good match for your chosen psychic, then you can call customer care and we will send you to another psychic for your remaining minutes. If you have gone over the 10 minutes you purchased, your credit card will be charged for those additional minutes. We do not offer refunds for this service.

Minutes Police

Minutes Police

If you purchase a 10-minute psychic reading, when your 10 minutes is up, it is your responsibility to hang up the phone if you do not want to be charged more per minute. If you purchase our package minute deals it is your responsibility to hang up when your minutes are up. At this time we do not have a ding on our phone system that informs you that your minutes are up. When our psychics are psychically in-tuning to you they are not watching the clock. They are working hard to help you with all your needs. All calls do go per minute once the time you have paid for has ended. Your credit card will be billed for the remaining amount of the call automatically by our systems. Our system is set up to count each minute that you are on the phone. Please do not put our psychics on hold, this does affect your time you receive for a reading and those minutes are still counted.