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$3.99 Per Minute


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I am a second generation natural Clairvoyant. I grew up in a household where being a natural psychic was just a part of every day life. I started doing Clairvoyant tarot readings with my extremely gifted mother 10 years ago, ultimately finding my own unique gifts, and finding a sense of pride in being able to use them to help people with the difficulties they face in life. I fell in love with my ability to help and aid others, no matter what the situation was, with the gifts I've been blessed with. I have been on the path of helping people avoid mishaps and discover themselves my entire life, somehow the gift of "just knowing" the answers to other people's questions comes quite easily to me. I have taught several classes dedicated to the use of elemental and energy work, helping others to attune to their own personal, innate abilities. Mainly I specialize in self-defense, shielding, and inner self as well as outer self protection and psychic projection. I also found that when I work with others on their gifts, their abilities tend to naturally awaken. This allows me to psychically tune to them and easily teach them how to be in tune with their owned personal abilities. I can read a person extremely well in a short time and intuitively predict how they will react to a situation in their life, then redirect them on the best path for themselves, and their future.

I have a wide spectrum of reading abilities however, I specialize in two main areas; the first being finances, the second being love, in every sense whether it's love for another or yourself, and how to discover it. I am a Catalystic Indigo, meaning I have a habit of setting people on paths that better their lives and the lives of those they care about. I genuinely care about helping to make the world a better place. I am not here to tell you what you want to hear, I am here to tell you the truth so that you can better help yourself create the life you desire in a world that at every turn seems to kick you when you're down. I am a very gifted Clairvoyant Empath and as such am able to do Medium readings through my gift. Through my abilities as an Empath Clairvoyant I am also able to channel intimate details about a person's past lives. I firmly believe that you deserve the truth and I have no inclination to fabricate the details of your present circumstances or future. There is no judgment when you choose me for your reader. You have a life to live and people in it that make it worth living. I'm just here to help you see what's coming before it takes you by surprise and to show you the different paths that you can take, if you so choose to take them.

Customer Reviews

I really enjoyed my reading with Psychic Drew. He was straightforward and to the point. He gave me some really good pointers and I found him to be dead on. Thank you, Drew, I look forward to our next reading