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A Message from Ali

Our number one recommended Ayahuasca Retreat Center, Sanken Wano, meaning clear vision and elegance of medicine.

Why did we choose it?

Because they have the best shamans of course.

Enjoy a week or longer of being totally loved, nurtured, and healed.
The retreats are held in Pucallpa Peru, where the life of the land is full sacred healing powers. The Jungle is lush and full of different types of animals.

You will be staying in a nice jungle lodge where there is plenty to eat on your Ayahasca diet. With all organic and natural juices, fruits, and organic animals. Meaning everything that you take within you is all natural and cooked from scratch. With some of the best jungle cooking in the world.

The Ayahasca is made from scratch right at the retreat center and is made fresh every time for each group or person.

You can enjoy your time to relax and heal, or you can enjoy your time on an adventure learning the different herbs and healing plants of the jungle that the Shipibo Shamans use for your retreats and their sacred ceremonies.

Enjoy the arts at the Shamans store where all the herb, jungle plants, and inkros art work that are carefully hand made are. All packed and ready for you to take home with you after your retreat. Find one of a kind art work made by the shamans themselves.

The first retreat we offer is for 10 days and 9 nights, you will receive jungle saunas, up to 8 Ayahasca ceremonies, one on one time with the shamans, all the delicious food you want to eat, hiking, river rides, and a wonderful cleansing and healing.

The second retreat we offer is 15 days and 14 nights, this retreat is recommended over the 10 day retreat. You will receive a much deeper healing with more tourism and sites to see as well as the teachings of the plants from the jungle. This retreat allows your energy to become more settles and balanced out before you travel home. You will be taken to the Peru zoos, go fishing, and see the pink dauphins of the rivers. You will be taken to the places you can receive fine dining with a clear speaking guide to show you the different historical sites of Pucallpa safely without having to pay for a hotel room as you will be welcome to spend your final days and nights of the retreat time having enjoyment, laughter, bomb fires in the jungle, and fun.

The Third Retreat-Sanken Wano is the only retreat that teaches the Master Teachings of the Holy Angelic Arts, chakra's and energy movement. Two times per year with a Master Teacher who comes from across the sea to embrace you with the sacred gift of becoming a Master Healer. If you are a healer now, and want to become more then you ever thought you could be this is the retreat you want to take.

The retreats fill up quickly and are limited to only 15 people 2 times per year and is well worth the money as well as your time. Imagine becoming limitless in your spiritual healing arts and abilities. This is the retreat of a lifetime for the healers, spiritual warriors, and energy workers who want to improve their abilities to their fullest, heal themselves and become more than they ever thought they could be. This retreat is uniquely designed to awaken yourself to your true potentiality. As well as receiving the wonderful tourism of retreat number 2.

Good Vision & Elegance of Medicine

We are delighted to have you join us for one of our wonderful retreats

Partial Package

Partial Package

10 days and 9 nights in the beautiful Pucallpa Jungle of Peru. For deep healing with the shamans. Learn the plants of the jungle and enjoy their healing

powers. Comes with 8 Ayahuasca ceremonies depending on what you want and can embrace.

Partial :
10 days & 9 nights

Full Package

Full Package

15 days and 14 nights in the beautiful Pucallpa Jungle of Peru. For deep healing with the shamans. Learn the plants of the jungle and enjoy their healing powers. Comes with 8 ayahuasca ceremonies depending on what you desire and can embrace.

With this package, you will also receive 4 days of tours, hiking, and different types of shipibo cultures. the 5th day is for you!

Full :
15 days & 14 nights

Intense Package

Intense Package

15 days and 14 nights in the beautiful Pucallpa Jungle of Peru. For deep healing with the shamans and a master teacher of energy movement and chakras. This retreat is rare and never been done by any other retreat. Get cleaned out, healed, and learn how to use your owned personal powers! Become whom you truly are. This Retreat is the only one like it in all of Peru and Highly possible in all the world. A Master Teacher of The Holy Arts Comes only one time every 6 months to teach with The Shipibo Shamans.

Intense :
15 days & 14 nights

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What's Over the Bridge that you will cross when you come to heal?

Holy Mother Aya, The Queen of The Jungle, Master Healer, and Her Shamans of Love and Light.

Every great change is made by someone who takes a leap of faith. Every transformation or rebirth takes a leap of faith. Every great man or woman in the world achieved in their greatness because they took a leap of faith.

Positive affirmation. The Statement!!!

In My Faith I trust, for it comes from my heart. To believe in myself is the path of my highest good and most positive outcome in all things that I do, I shall achieve success. My choice is in the abundance of joy. Gratitude is given, for I am grateful.
by Ali